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The present day giants where built in 1988 under the accord of the Culture Comission of Alcudia’s Town Hall and from that moment every year, during the feast day of the town’s patron saint they are placed at the doors of la Sala*, as they where static giants. The structure and modelling of the visible parts of the body where carried out by the sculptor Josep Fluxà. The task of costume and material selection was directed by Antoni Bibiloni, and the tailor Bartomeu Massanet was instructed to make the pieces of the costumes; the female giant was clothed in 18th century costume and the male giant was clothed to the style of the beginnings of the 19th century.

In 2006, due to the interest the town hall had for the giants to be mobile, a group of people roused by this idea constituted themselves as a Colla de Geganters (Giant Figures group). The first step was to modify the internal structure of the giants to achieve a greater lightness, task carried out by the Manacor-born Manel Alba. At the same time the chance was taken to remake the costumes, work which was again undertaken by the same people previously mentioned.

And so, the 17th of December of 2006, the Gegants of Alcudia, ready to dance and with a totally renewed air where shown to tha public at the doors of La Sala. The first dance was carried out at the Constitution Square, with dance and music by Antoni Bibiloni. The two characters where presented under the names Madó Aina i l’Amo En Jaume Panxa-roja, making reference to this nickname, given to alcudiencs by the rest of the island.

They appear in this new phase dressed as a wealthy couple of the part forana of the mid 19th century. She wears a strayed petticoat, a damascene doublet and a mantilla. He wears iridescent pants, a floured vest and a black cloth jacket.

As for the dance aspect on one part the changes in the rhythm must be commented (a very calm first part followed by a very cheerful second part) and on the other the beauty of the dance movements of the female giant thanks to the material and proportions of her petticoat.

How to contact the Colla de Geganters of Alcudia

- Tomeu Cànaves (group head): telèfon 670 549917
- Xisco Vadell: telèfon 609 492525
- Contacte correu electrònic:

*Name which traditionally designates Majorcan town halls.